The Church at Frostville

Your Very Special Wedding

     Your Wedding or Special Event will be just that: Special.  Each event is different and unique unto itself.  The Church Docent assigned to help implement your wedding plan at Frostville will offer ideas and assist you in creating an event you will be proud of. The Church at Frostville has hosted weddings where a bagpipe led the bride to the church, and one where the groom's party wore kilts.  The Church has hosted the nuptials of a lion tamer, a lawyer, a doctor and real estate investor.  The Church has hosted weddings for military personnel and weddings featuring children of the couple as ring bearers.  We have hosted events for those in their teens and those in their seventies. 

       The Church is an historic building, which requires some restrictions to preserve the restoration and to protect our wedding participants.  Those restrictions include:

The church seats 136 guests

No adhesives or nails may be used to mount decorations to the walls, alter rail or alter

No animals in the church other than service animals

No birdseed or rice to shower the bride and groom, but we do allow bubbles or flower petals

No release of animals of any kind into the Metroparks (butterflies, birds, etc.)

Use of our antique organ requires one of our approved organists

                           Although we do have a few other restrictions, we also offer unprecedented freedom in other areas which include:

You may choose your own officiant, photographer, florist, wedding planner, and a member of your party may toll the Church bell

You may bring your choice of musicians to the church (without amplification)

We do not charge for the services of our Wedding Docent

The grounds of Frostville are available to your party for photographs