The History of the Church At Frostville

The Frostville Church was built in approximately 1847 on land owned by Mr. Amos Briggs. Mr. Briggs purchased land on the north east corner of Butternut Ridge and Ridgeville (today known as Lorain and Barton Roads in North Olmsted) and donated a portion of this land to the Methodist Church to which he was a member. The Methodists met in this simple, one room church building until 1868.

In 1868 the members of the Methodist congregation disbanded and moved on to other church facilities. In 1871 the building was purchased for use by the First Congregational Church, located in Olmsted Falls. Mr. Newell Nelson and Mr. Richard Carpenter were instrumental in the purchase of the old Briggs Church building. They felt, along with many of the members of the First Congregational Church who resided in Olmsted, that it was too far to be traveling to the Falls for church. Therefore they purchased the building on the corner of Butternut and Ridgeville, and it became the First Congregational Church Society of Butternut Ridge, later to be known as the Second Congregational Church of Olmsted.

In the years to follow, the congregation began to grow, and it was decided that expansion of the building would be necessary. The basement was dug out and built in 1886. Between the years of 1895 to 1903 many changes were made to the original structure, completely changing it’s appearance to what was most familiar to people today. There was a dedication ceremony held in 1903 to dedicate the new additions, such as the Eldred Chapel, the new bell tower, and the beautiful stained glass windows that adorned the sanctuary. The church also became incorporated in 1900 and was then named the North Olmsted Congregational Church. In May of 1964, a dedication took place for a new church facility that was built just east of the original building. On April 26, 1964 the very last Sunday service was held in the old church building.

During the 1970’s the membership of the North Olmsted Congregational Church began to fade, and eventually the doors were closed. The property was rented to other churches in the years that followed, but the original Briggs building began to fall into disrepair.

In the fall of 2003, the most recent owner of the property at the corner of Barton and Lorain Roads, Holy Resurrection Ukrainian Orthodox Church, graciously donated this beautiful building to the Olmsted Historical Society, to be moved to the historic village at the Frostville Museum. The Society gladly accepted this gift, and with the help of many of it’s members and friends in and around the community, the Cleveland Metroparks, and others, on June 21, 2005, we were able to move the most historic part of this building, the original portion built by Amos Briggs back in the 1840’s, to Frostville.

The Church primary restoration was completed at a cost of over $250,000 in July 2008, and the Church was consecrated by a celebration service in August 2008.  Since then the Church has hosted weddings, renewal ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, and Boy Scout Court of Honors. 

The Church at Frostville